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Modern::Perl has laudable goals. I agree with chromatic. This is why I use 5.10.0 at work. This is why I will be upgrading to 5.10.1 almost as soon as it is released. I even plan on testing our code with the 5.10.1 release candidates. The first significant line in all our modules is “use 5.010;“. (The second is “use utf8;“.) As I said in a prior post, I upgrade all the modules that we use from the CPAN every three months.

However, as a practical matter, Modern::Perl is broken. What happens when perl 5.12 comes out? Does chromatic upgrade the module to add “use feature qw/ :5.12 /;“? Are all of the modules that use Modern::Perl suddenly broken? Someone requested that TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseStrict include Modern::Perl in the default set of modules that are treated as equivalent to “use strict;“. (You can add to that list yourself via the “equivalent_modules” option.) I don’t want to do that; I want to discourage the use of Modern::Perl. Maybe if there was a Modern::Perl_5_10 I’d think differently.

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