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Tag Archives: documentation

Ideas that I’ve got floating around, but which I haven’t gotten to yet:

Like Pod::Coverage, but rather than looking at the symbol table, uses PPI to discover subs that need documenting.
Like Pod::Coverage, but, in addition to regular subroutines requiring documentation, reports on Moose generated accessors, delegations, etc. that are undocumented.
Combines the two others.

Forgetting all the type constraint, role, and attribute handling that Moose does, I like it simply for what it’s contributed to documentation.

I’ve been using the constraint syntax for describing complicated data structures in POD and comments in cases where Moose isn’t actually involved. It’s nice to be able to simply state that a subroutine returns “ArrayRef[HashRef[Maybe[Str|HashRef[Foo::Bar]]]”. That’s a lot more comprehensible than a paragraph of description.