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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Some people seem to like to put Perl::Critic tests into their VCS pre-commit hooks in order to prevent code with violations being checked in. I consider this to be a really bad idea. You should always be able to check your code in, if only for backup purposes. It’s a matter of preserving your code, even if it’s got some stupid PodSpelling violation. You’ve got a production emergency bug fix and you can’t check in because you’ve got a ProhibitEscapedMetacharacters problem? I certainly wouldn’t want that.

I think Devel::Declare is evil for the same reasons that Adam does.

Even if PPI supports it, Perl::Critic will not be supporting any syntax that’s not part of the language core. Not only because it would be necessary to figure out semantics, but because I oppose balkanization of the language.

To quote myself: “Please add a ‘class. keyword. Would that break MooseX::Declare? Yup. Tough cookies.